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“The RSR team takes the time to know your products and to understand your goals before considering what media will best fit the message. They know where to find your audience and how to create maximum impact. Careful consideration, keen knowledge of local media and personalized attention make this agency stand out against competitors.”

Jamie Holmes, Director of Creative Services for KOIN-TV

“High deductibles, HSA’s in the past several years out of pocket medical expenses have skyrocketed and patients are price shopping. EPIC Imaging has always been a lower cost option but for many particularly those outside of the Portland metro they may not know. Our communication challenge was simply this. How can we spread the word in a way where it; reach many and still be cost effective. Radio! I called Katie Walther founder and president of Run Spot Run Media to discuss our objectives. Not only did she understand she recommended a seasoned voice talent. Katie brought an affordable media buy proposal to our practice she a host of ‘best opportunity’ suggestions, ones only a pro would have suggested. Our campaign ran for 2 months followed by a marketing visit campaign to physicians’ offices in the targeted area; many off our visits were welcomed with ‘We heard about EPIC on the radio!’ Our ROI? A new patient population traveling a distance to Portland to benefit lower cost imaging and…clinical expertise and placing EPIC in the hearts and minds of many. Working with Katie has been not only profitable it has been a pleasure.”

Melanie Haymond, Marketing Director, Epic Imaging


“Prior to working with Run Spot Run I really didn’t have a defined marketing strategy. We tried different things but didn’t have a consistent plan. As a small business there isn’t a lot of extra money to be had on marketing and media but Run Spot Run showed us how we could be more efficient with minimal investment. Today, through our partnership, we have an active SEO campaign and the results are paying off. In just three months traffic to our site is up 48%. We are receiving more leads online than before and our sales are up. We’re not the ‘biggest’ account, but we always get ‘big-client’ service and attention every day.”

Loren Watts, Watts Heating & Cooling

“I enjoy working with Katie and Robb because they have years of experience, they have valuable relationships with all levels of the media, and they have a commitment to client service. But most importantly, they have my trust and that means more than words can express. They are true partners in the success of my business.”

Tim Findlay, TGF Productions


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